Many of our patients have been inquiring about a new protocol we have instituted in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. We have been administering an oral rinse to all patients before and after treatment. This is a rinse that contains molecular iodine, one of the most effective germ-killing agents ever developed. Molecular iodine can destroy a wide range of germs, including bacteria, viruses and spores. We have chosen the specific rinse that we are administering because it has proven effective in eliminating the rhinovirus (responsible for the common cold) and the coronavirus. While it has never been tested against Covid-19, it is our hope that it may be equally effective against this specific strain. We are administering the rinse in the hope that a 30-second rinse at the beginning of the procedure will rid the mouth of coronavirus so that we may work more safely, without the threat of contamination from the virus. We are also administering a second rinse after the completion of your treatment in hopes of providing you with a little extra protection against infection once you leave our office. Some of you have complained that it produces a slight burning in the mouth, but we can assure you that our application is perfectly safeā€”our entire staff uses it at least twice a day.

While the germ killing power of the molecular iodine solution may sound a little intimidating, iodine is considered to be an essential nutrient and is commonly added to salt as a method of ensuring against iodine deficiency. The rinse we are using was developed as treatment for periodontal disease. In other words, it helps to control gum disease. It has been estimated that as many as 80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease such as bleeding, swollen or tender gums, persistent bad breath, or even loose teeth. By destroying the germs in the oral cavity, the gums are given a boost against infection. So the rinse has a dual purpose of protecting us all from coronavirus, and providing some added benefits to your gums. Added protection and healthier gums! Once the immediate crisis is over, we intend to offer the rinse for sale to all of our patients as a therapeutic for periodontal disease, although limited supplies will probably prevent that for the time being.

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