A couple days ago we discovered that we could not procure face shields for the Dr. and her assistant. Face shields are an extremely useful piece of protective gear for doctors and other health care professionals dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and they are simply impossible to procure at this time. We were considering closing our doors until the shields were procured, but the Dr. was determined to continue practicing without them. Brainstorming for solutions led to the discovery that a small electronics firm had published instructions for printing face shields on 3D printers. I put out a call to some of our patients, who spread the word. Within 8 hours of my phone call I had two, freshly printed, fully assembled face shields in my hands. Our thanks go out to Yuri and Igor for answering the call! Gentlemen, you really saved the day.

For those of you with 3D printers at home who want to help, the link to the instructions is Hospitals are frantically improvising whatever they can find, and the call is out for millions of shields. Apparently, there is already quite a movement to build shields for hospitals, and Twitter is alive with face-shield chatter.

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