Tamara Levit, DDS

Dr. Tamara Levit is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, where she was educated and trained as a dentist at the First Medical School of St. Petersburg. After emigrating to the United States in 1997, Dr. Levit enrolled in the prestigious NYU school of dentistry where she had to repeat her education and training in order to be licensed in the U.S. She graduated from NYU in 2002 despite having to teach herself English at the same time. She first opened her own practice in April of 2003 and has won many prestigious awards including America’s Best Dentists. Dr. Levit continues to study outside the operatory and stays abreast with cutting edge techniques and materials. She was one of the first dentists to recognize the potential of implant dentistry and is now a Master of Implantology with the International Congress of Implantologists (the ICOI). Dr. Levit believes that her practice is more than a business, and she carries her patients’ cares and problems like family concerns. Dr. Levit is the proud mother of two children, who are both currently working in the financial industry in New York City. A word of warning though: new parents bringing babies to the office to show off to Auntie Tamara may find themselves neglected in the chair while the Dr. and her assistants pamper your precious bundles of joy.

Karina Zakharyan

Karina Zakharyan is Dr. Levit’s dental and surgical assistant. Karina is an ex-restaurant chef who specialized in Georgian and Armenian cuisine before joining Dr. Levit. Karina was actually Dr. Levit’s very first patient when the practice first opened its doors in April 2003, and soon welcomed the opportunity to begin a new career as a dental assistant. After working together for so long, Karina and Dr. Levit have an almost telepathic bond in the operatory, where Karina knows what needs to be done almost without words. In addition to her time with Dr. Levit, Karina has also worked hard in the classroom and has been recognized by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists as a Cetified Implant Auxiliary. Despite her natural shyness, Karina can communicate effectively in Georgian, Armenian, Russian, and English.

Marina Buslovich

Marina is Dr. Levit’s Girl Friday, working in the operatories as a dental assistant as well as covering the front desk. A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Marina was also a patient before becoming a part of Dr. Levit’s team almost 15 years ago. Since joining the team, Marina has worked hard to become a more effective assistant and is now a Certified Dental Radiation Technologist and a member of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries and Practice Management. Marina is also the mother of a high school senior, which means she spends her free time wishing she had some free time.

Tamara Titova

The newest member of our team, Tamara works the front desk, and it’s her voice you will usually hear on the line when you call our office. A recent immigrant from Lipetsk, Russia, Tamara has degrees in History and Economics. She is an avid walker and enjoys cooking and playing the piano. She currently resides in Rockville with her husband and two cats.

Alec the Intern

Yes, the young man in scrubs IS too young to be a dentist, he is Alec, the office’s intern. A student at UMBC, Alec is obsessed with becoming a dentist, and tolerates university life as a necessary time interval between him and life as a dentist. Dr. Levit was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm for the profession, and he quickly made himself indispensable with his eagerness to learn and his ready familiarity with the office computer systems. Although he’s only in the office for Saturday shifts during the school year, we’re sure you’ll be seeing him again during summer. Impatient to get on with his chosen career, Alec graduated from High School early and started college when he was still shy of his 17th birthday—so if you happen to see him in the office, tell him not to be in such a hurry to grow up (we tell him that all the time).